CMaps Extension for SAP Webi User Guide

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CMaps Analytics Extension for Web Intelligence version 3, allows for embedded CMaps Analytics Designer views inside of Web Intelligence reports. Unlike older versions of this extension, this version uses HTML5 based map views and requires no other server software.

CMaps Analytics Extension V3 also uses Google Maps, unlike its predecessors which used SAP Dashboards with TomTom and MapBox. The end result is near identical through V3, includes some enhancements that dramatically simplify the workflow and configuration.

Need to install CMaps Analytics Extension?

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Approving Domains (Full version only)

After installing CMaps Analytics Extension, you will also need to approve your domain for use with Google Maps. This is an additional security measure required by Google to protect unauthorized use of your maps license or authentication keys on servers not owned or maintained by your organization. The domain / or IP address you use to BI LaunchPad is what you will capture and submit to Centigon Support or to and our staff will add your domain.

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Display CMaps Analytics Map in a Report

Import Custom Regions Into Webi

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