Using Sort Type

Choosing a Sort Type for Ascending and Descending Order

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Dynamic Sort 2.0 enables Dynamic Control over sort type for each defined Sort by Column. Using specific numeric or text values, each sort column can be defined as ascending or descending order. There are two ways to define the sort type within a give cell

“0” or “Ascending”

“1” or “Descending”

NOTE: Dynamic Sort has built-in intelligence to differentiate columns with text vs numbers to simplify the sort type configuration.

When configuring the Sort Type property, there will need to be a one-to-one relationship between the sort column and sort type. In the example below, the source data is sorted first by column 2, and then by column 1 (defined in row 3). The adjacent cells in row 4, define that column 2 will be sorted in Ascending order, and Column 1 will be sorted in Descending Order. Using values or text shown below are both accepted by Dynamic Sort.