System and Browser Requirement for CMaps Analytics Extension for Webi

OS and Application Server Requirements:

CMaps Analytics Extension for Webi is a single JAR file that is complied from an SAP Webi ExtensionPoints SDK. This JAR file is placed on the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise application server that runs LaunchPad and other web applications for BOE.

  • Windows or Linux
  • Tomcat Application Server
  • Netweaver (instructions for extension install is not available from SAP)

Support for BI4.2

Support for all versions of BI4.2

Support for BI4.1

Supported Versions of SAP BusinessObjects: First supported version: BI4.1 SP5 FP6 and higher service packs for BI4.1.

NOTES On BI4.1 SP05- Due to a bug introduced with BI4.1 SP05 a raylight service issue prevents CMaps Analytics from creating and viewing report variables which is a critical feature. The issue was resolved with as of SP05 FP06.

Why such a limited number of supported releases? SAP first released Webi Extension Points with BI4.1 SP02, which featured a limited set of functions. As such, we upgraded our extension to make full use of Webi Extension Points supported APIs. Earlier versions of BusinessObjects will not grant the option to add extensions through the CMC.