Shape Data Explorer and Download Manager

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Select from the library of available Shapedata specifically designed for use with CMaps Analytics. If there is a region, or geographic level you need, feel free to contact our team directly.


With your location chosen, you now have the option to use a hosted version of the Shape File (file containing the graphical boundaries) or download it where it can be hosted behind your firewall. The URL to the Shapefile (.SHP) will be copied and pasted into CMaps Analytics.


The last step in configuring your Shapefile is obtaining a list of keys, which are used to identify the geographic locations in your Shapefile. These keys are extremely important in all CMaps Analytics products, granting you with the flexibility to customize how your regions are defined. For example, United States of America in your organization may be United States or USA.

You can simply copy the keys to your system clipboard where they can be pasted directly into your dashboard application or into Excel / CSV file. Please review specific instructions based on the CMaps Analytics solution you are using.