Map Values properties

Data bound to the Values property is used to identify a measure with each data point, shape, or line segment within your map. The value property is displayed within the info window by default and also used for:

NOTE ON # FORMATTING: The value property will NOT inherit cell formatting by default. To display values with formatting, you will need to concatenate the value within the label property

Show Values Property

Many dashboard developers often opt out of using the built-in values display because the value property will not display numeric formatting. Instead you can leverage the label property to concatenate HTML labels with proper formatted values.

The “Show Values” property is locate on the Appearance tab.


Other Properties Reliant on “Values”


Values are utilized to power alert indicators on the map from color to icon style. Alerts are configured on the alerts tab.
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Dynamic Icon Size

Dynamic icon size allows value data to control the icon size displayed on a map when Dynamic Icon size is enabled on the Appearance tab.
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Label Icon Type

Label icon will enable the display of the numeric value from the Value property directly on top of the map.