Map Styles

Map Theme Name

Custom map theme name is required to use custom themes. Binding your own name will allow your end users to select the theme. In addition, the theme will become available on the appearance>general tab where you can select it as the default view.

custom style name

Setting a Map Theme as the Default

To set a custom map theme as the default theme you must first bind a custom map theme name to a single cell. After binding the name you will go to the GMaps Plugin appearance tab, and then choose the custom map theme name from the “Default Map Style” drop down.


Advanced Style Configuration

Advanced style configuration provides you with control over every facet of the Google Maps appearance. GMaps Plugin provides control to change the color and toggle visibility of each property.

*Note: GMaps Plugin may not refresh the map with each property change. To ensure you can visualize the impact of each property, you may need to preview the dashboard.