Layer Type: ESRI Feature Service

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ESRI Feature Service Intro

ESRI Feature Service layer will connect directly to our ESRI ArcGIS server and return feature service data and layers to CMaps Analytics as interactive views.

Simply, add the feature service layer URL from ESRI ArcGIS, and CMaps Analytics will automatically connect, display data and attributes when you click on an object.

New for CMaps Analytics 3.5

We have simplified our ESRI service capabilities, allowing most CMaps Analytics visualization layers to be powered by ESRI. Essentially CMaps Analytics treats an ESRI feature service as a data source, allowing direct integration and interoperability with ESRI and non ESRI data. In 3.5 you can find ArcGIS as a data source in addition to Excel, CSV, JSON, or JS API.

With CMaps 3.5 we have deprecated ESRI point and polygon layer types, further simplifying CMaps layer collection.

CMaps Analytics ESRI Feature Service layer has it’s own property for loading data directly from ESRI ArcGIS Service

Example Service 1: Points

Example 2: Polygons Layer

Service Requirements

ESRI ArcGIS Server version 10 is required because CMaps Analytics leverages ESRI ArGIS REST API

Security Requirements: CMaps Analytics does not currently tap into ESRI’s

Make sure your ESRI server supports Cross Origin support.

Ensure your ESRI feature service is configured for Web Mercator

ESRI Cloud is not currently supported due to lack of demand. If this is a feature you would like to see we want to hear from you.

Include the specific service feature service layer URL: