Layer Type: Density

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Density visualization layer that is fundamentally similar to a points layer. Unlike points the goal of a density map is NOT to highlight individual points, but rather spatially aggregate and draw attention to the user to higher or lower areas of density.

As the number of data points increase in a specific area, the color intensity will increase, providing emphasis to a specific area.

Data Requirements

Data Volume: While the more data you load into a density map will result in a more revealing visual, client-based density maps can reduce performance as the number of points increase. It is recommended to load 100-3000 points to provide the best experience.

Locations Property: When using the Points layer, it is recommended to use Latitude,Longitude formatted as comma separated: “43.434,-123.324”.

If you provide locations like addresses, countries, states, or Cities, Google will automatically geocode these locations, which could introduce latency in performance.