Layer Type: Administrative Areas

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createlayer_shapesAdministrative Areas

Display common administrative and political boundaries as a layer with CMaps Analytics region geocoder. From Countries, States/Provinces, Zips, Counties, and other selected geographies, you can take advantage of our growing data library with fast performance.  No file download or manipulation required, Administrative Areas layer only requires valid locations to draw boundaries.



Geo Level: The geo-level property indicates the geography to be geocoded, further improving the accuracy of your geocodes ensuring the right boundaries appear.


Supported Geographies

World by country
World by Province / State
US Zipcodes (5 digit)
US Counties (5 digit ISO codes and County,State)
Canada FSAs (3 digit)

Coming Soon
UK Postal Areas
US Metro Areas
US Congressional Districts

Contact us, with your geographic boundary needs.


Data Requirements

Locations Property: When using a admin areas the Locations property is used to geocode and retrieve the corresponding boundaries. For example, if your data contains 45 of 50 US states by name, CMaps Region Geocoder will only return and render 45 regions.