Installing a Full Version Plugin Component

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Where to Download PluginsSystem ConfigurationRun Registration EXEInstall XLX Add-On



Plugins for SAP Dashboards are downloaded from the customer portal. After logging in, click on the main menu bar “Licenses Downloads and Cases”

Your assigned licenses (or team licenses if you have a manager role) will be available for download. Expand the license to download the extension zip.


Shipped = Ready to be installed
Registered = License is already registered and in use.

What is included in a Download:

EXE Registration File

  • This file is used to register your license to your PC. If you already have the trial installed, simply run this EXE file and input the License Key. That’s it! Next time you refresh your property sheet, the trial notification is gone and you are using your license, authentication key.

XLX Add-on File

  • This is the actual plugin file that you install into SAP Dashboards. If you are upgrading from a previous version, you can simply install this XLX.

System Configuration

1. System Configuration- Ensure that you have disabled UAC- Windows7 / Windows 8
Disable UAC Instructions

2. Computer User Security Rights– To install and use add-on components, you will be required to have administrative rights on your computer to install software. To review if your profile has these rights, right click on the Xcelsius program and “Run as Administrator.” If you are prompted for a login you will need to contact your IT department to obtain the necessary access rights to your PC.

Run the Add-On Install Wizard for Registration

1. Open the install EXE
2. Accept the terms of use and click Next
3. Enter your license key
Where to obtain your license key 

4. Select a folder on your computer where you will extract and access the contents of the installer.

Inline image 1

5. Click Install
The install wizard will place the .XLX files, documentation, and templates into the directory defined in step 4.
6. Click Finish

YOUR NOTE DONE YET: Now, you need to install the XLX component into SAP Dashboards. This XLX is included in the same zip folder as the EXE registration file you just finished. Click on the “Install XLX Add-On” tab to proceed.

Install the XLX Add On

1. Open SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, Xcelsius, or SAP Crystal Dashboard Design
2. Go to File>Add-On Manager
3. Install Add-On
4. Navigate to the directory chosen during the install wizard process
5. Select the XLX file.
6. Click “Close”
7. “Save and Close”
8. Save your dashboard
9. Re-open SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, Xcelsius or SAP Crystal Dashboard Design
10. Your component is now ready to use:

Essentials Bundle Components are located in the Other tab, within the components window.

CSV Connnector is available as a new data connection in the data manager. A second CSV Export icon is available in the Other tab, within the components window.

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