InfoWindow Designer

InfoWindow Designer is a feature that will allow you to bind the InfoWindow contents to a cell range. This approach eliminates the need to design complex map labels, and reduces the overhead of your map bindings and dependencies with up to 200% in performance saving.

CMaps InfoWindow Designer

Compatibility: CMaps Plugin V4.0 and greater only

To use this feature, bind to a range of cells organized in a column. Each cell in the column is delimited with a line break. However, the InfoWindow itself will automatically word wrap.

InfoWindow designer is compatible with HTML formatting when following the specific syntax:

HTML Label Format- To use HTML code within a label, all label data must be enclosed in <HTML></HTML> tags. GMaps Plugin will support common HTML functionality like text formatting, line breaks, images, URLs, and bulleted lists. The labels property also provides dynamic control over the pop-up window size using the following format w:#;h:<HTML</HTML>.

Example: w:300;h:400<HTML>CONTENT</HTML>

More on HTML Formatting