Icon Sizing Options

Icon Size

Set the icon size for each individual series. If Dynamic Icon Sizing is selected, Series Size will dictate the relative marker scale that all associated marker values are calculated against for a particular series. If Dynamic Icon Sizing is not selected, the Series Size property will dictate the exact size of each marker icon in a particular series.

Dynamic Icon Sizing

Dynamic icon sizing property will control each icon’s size within a series using the associated Value property on the general tab. The icon’s size within each series will display relative to the entire range. Using the series numeric stepper, you can increase or reduce the relative size of all icons to make them easier to view and click. Enabling Dynamic icon size will affect all series at once, and all series not containing a value will utilize a the default size. Included in CMaps Plugin and GMaps Plugin V2.0 and greater is a logarithmic scale check box that can be applied for individual series. Dynamic icon sizing is also applicable when using the heat map icon type.

Logarithmic Scale

When Dynamic Icon Sizing is enabled, each series can utilize logarithmic scale to ensure that all icons are visible rather than outlier values skewing the size of all icons.

Cluster Icons

Available in CMaps Plugin 4 and later, icon clustering will group any marker icons that overlap on top of each other, The purpose of icon clustering is to simplify a map interface and improve map performance.

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