Drive Distance Polygons with CMaps Analytics Designer

With CMaps Analytics Drive time polygons, users can gain a better vision how distance or drive time can impact performance or help address spatial relationships in distance, which can be difficult to assess by simply looking at a map.

How it Works:

drivetimeCMaps Analytics Drive Distance Polygons employs a cloud-based service that dynamically calculates drive distance bands on the fly, and returns the visualizations to your map view based on a single origin point, and 1 or multiple distance bands.

There are two approaches to drawing drive time polygons with CMaps Analytics Designer.

1- Static layers through CMaps Designer- Currently CMaps Analytics Designer allows for a single static drive time polygon.

2- Dynamic layers through the SDK – Currently, for custom HTML5 apps and integrations, you have complete flexibility to implement drive time polygons through the CMaps Analytics API.

It is planned for future versions of CMaps Analytics Designer to allow dynamic creation of drive polygons through user selection of points on a layer. Want to see this feature sooner?

Tutorial: Building a Single Static Drive Distance Band