Designer Views Tab Behavior

Panning / Zooming

Enable Auto-Zoom

Enable auto-zoom will utilize your location and regional data to automatically focus the map so all data is initially visible.

As you refresh or swap data, it will trigger the map to re-autozoom itself to fit your data.

Use Dynamic Icon Sizing

Use Dynamic Icon Sizing, will utilize the “Values” data to dynamically size icons based on the relative value.

Default Location

Default location can be a lat,long, address, or any other geographic location.

Default Zoom Level

Zoom level can range from 1-20 depending on the geographic location and support for higher resolution map tiles.

Indoor Maps

Enabling the Indoor Map viewer will allow a map view to launch an indoor map view, when a location is selected. If this feature is disabled, it will not include the code or capabilities for opening indoor maps, even if there is an associated indoor map.

Map Selection

Enabling multiple selection will transform the map locations so end users can toggle on and off, selecting more than one point. This feature is extremely useful for applications where end users need to select more than one point or region to perform additional tasks. 

Other Viewing Behaviors

By default, all communication with CMaps Analytics cloud is executed as SSL. However, Google Maps is accessed via port 80 unless you enable SSL. Note, that SSL should only be utilized if the portal you are hosting your content is accessed via HTTPS.

If you are accessing your content via HTTP, do NOT enabled “Use SSL”