Designer Views Tab Advanced

The advanced tab is designed for developers who are integrating CMaps Plugin directly inside of third party applications.

JavaScript Stubs for Events & Properties Events

Enabling advanced properties will generate the proper scripts in the CMaps Analytics output.

Map Ready

When the map has completed initialization.

cMap.onMapReady = function(){console.log('map is ready');}

Layer Clicked

When any layer in the map is clicked.

cMap.onLayerSelected = function(lyr){console.log('layer selected');}

Zoom Changed

When the zoom level has changed

cMap.onZoomChanged = function(){console.log('zoom changed');}

Center Changed

When through end user interaction or any other means the map has panned to a new location.

cMap.onCenterChanged = function(){console.log('center changed');}

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

Runtime geocoding allows for addresses or other geographic administrative areas to be converted to latitude & longitude.

Reverse Geocode Received

When reverse geocode is received as address information.

cMap.onReverseGeocodeResponse = function(geocodingEvent){console.log('reverse geocode response received');}


Geocode Received

When geocoded data is received.

cMap.onGeocodeResponse = function(geocodingEvent){console.log('geocode response received');}


When geocodes are received as latittude and longitude format.

Other Properties

Map Visibility

Control over the entire map’s visibility.

Indoor Map

Control visibility of the indoor map.

Viewer Visibility

Control over the map viewer.

Indoor Map Layer Visibility

Control over individual indoor map layers.

WMS Visibility

Control visibility over WMS layers

Direction Panel Visibility

Control over Directions panel visibility

Direction Waypoints (each waypoint should be prefixed with “waypoint:”)

Control over directions waypoints.

Current Location

Get current location.

cMap.onCurrentLocationChanged = function(){console.log([map].currentLocation());}