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Multiple Selection

Enable Multiple Selection

Enabling multiple selection will transform the map locations so end users can toggle on and off, selecting more than one point. This feature is extremely useful for applications where end users need to select more than one point or region to perform additional tasks.

selectionShow Selector Panel Icon

The multi-selection panel icon is a graphical icon placed in the upper left corner of the map, allowing users to interact with points on your map in different ways. This feature is also touch-enabled.

1. Normal Select: Allows 1 icon selection at a time

1. Multi-Point Select: Allows for multiple icon selections.

2. Polygon Select: Clicking on the screen will draw and connect points as an enclosed polygon. Anything within the polygon is selected.

3. Free form Select: Clicking and dragging will draw an organic shape. Releasing the mouse will enclose the shape and anything within the shape is selected.

4. Free form Radius Select: Clicking on the map will use the location as a center point. Without lifting the use will define a distance. Upon lifting the mouse a radius is drawn from the start.

Auto-Radial Selection Distance Measure

Select Kilometers or Meters as the unit of measure for distance for radius selection.