Designer Views Tab Advanced Properties

The advanced tab is designed for developers who are integrating CMaps Plugin directly inside of third party applications.

JavaScript Stubs for Events & Properties Events

Enabling advanced properties will generate the proper scripts in the CMaps Analytics output.

Map Ready

When the map has completed initialization.

cMap.onMapReady = function(){console.log('map is ready');}

Layer Clicked

When any layer in the map is clicked.

cMap.onLayerSelected = function(lyr){console.log('layer selected');}

Zoom Changed

When the zoom level has changed

cMap.onZoomChanged = function(){console.log('zoom changed');}

Center Changed

When through end user interaction or any other means the map has panned to a new location.

cMap.onCenterChanged = function(){console.log('center changed');}

Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding

Runtime geocoding allows for addresses or other geographic administrative areas to be converted to latitude & longitude.

Reverse Geocode Received

When reverse geocode is received as address information.

cMap.onReverseGeocodeResponse = function(geocodingEvent){console.log('reverse geocode response received');}


Geocode Received

When geocoded data is received.

cMap.onGeocodeResponse = function(geocodingEvent){console.log('geocode response received');}

When geocodes are received as latittude and longitude format.