Designer Data Javascript Connection

Designer JavaScript Data

When you select Javascript as your data option, you are indicating that the data for which you will load into CMaps Analytics will come through the Javascript API.

The map can be fed Arrays of raw data using the API. For example, to create an integration between a Google RSS feed and the map, you could simply extract the data from the RSS feed and format it as arrays of data to pass to the API.

cMap.layerNames(["Choropleth Pins"]).
locations([["37.7693911,-122.4290072","37.790998,-122.431254","37.7480245,-122.4208806","37.789675,-122.417049", "37.7565985,-122.4045723","37.7956765,-122.4092976","37.7630855,-122.4578733","37.7739893,-122.4544912", "37.7473074,-122.4592076","37.780416,-122.403231","37.779602,-122.402201","37.778856,-122.402201"]]).
labels([["Dr. Goldstein", "Dr. Pinenuts", "Dr. Smith", "Dr. Jones", "Dr. Roger", "Dr. Rasheed", "Dr. Dongle", "Dr. Douglus", "Dr. Favre", "Dr. Oliver", "Dr. Alexander", "Dr. Mueller"]]).
values([[50, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 10, 12, 5]]);



The diagram above illustrates how CMaps Analytics API loads within your application with only 5 lines of code, behind your paywall or firewall. CMaps Analytics JS API (blue) will use the contents of CMaps Template (orange) to build itself, and then use additional code in your app to load data into the map after it has initialized. CMaps Analytics API, provides the mechanisms to easily wire your dynamic data into a rich maps experience, similar to Google Maps API, but without the need to code the map behavior, appearance, or work flow capabilities. CMaps Analytics Designer handles all of these functions and provides a quick and seamless way to manage your maps views.

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