CMaps Plugin Multi-Layer Maps and Selector Functionality for SAP Dashboards

When you want to use a multi-layer map as a selector, there is one important SAP Dashboards Excel exception you must anticipate for your design.

A single chart, can not insert multiple times into the same cell. The following screenshot was taken from a standard Line Chart component with “Drill Down” enabled. As you can see when you try to bind the Destination for two different series, into the same cell the following error appears.

Using Series / Layer as a Selector

Unlike Xcelsius/ SAP Dashboards, if you bind 2 series into the same destination it will not generate an error, and it also will not work.
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Instead, you want each series to insert into its own unique cells, with NO formulas.

Using Series Name Destination

After binding each series to a unique destination (orange), you will use a property called Series Name Destination (purple). The role of this property is to indicate the current selected layer. This selection is used to drive your dynamic selection with a simple Excel formula.

Lookup Formula

With the series name destination, we will use that cell (purple) to drive a lookup formula (light green), which will lookup the selected layer values.

Example Template


If you want to learn how to layer multiple series together, you should also check out this video, with best practices for layering and filtering series.