CMaps Designer Save and Download Options

CaptureSaving and Download – How Does it Work?

CMaps Analytics Designer is built to simplify the map design process while securing your information where you need it. In this case, for custom application development and integration into other systems (on premise and cloud), each map you create is downloadable as an HTML file or XML configuration file.

XML File

Think of the XML file as your project, that you can continue to modify and update just like a Word document. Each time you want to re-open and edit your map, you can import this XML file from the home screen





The HTML file contains not only the XML file contents, but also HTML and Javascript code to initialize and load your newly created map. In fact, you can utilize this output stand-alone or embed its contents in another application.

Note that while you can import the HTML file to edit in the future, if you heavily modify the HTML, it will no longer be compatible for import. As such, we recommend keeping an XML copy for editing and maintaining your map design.