CMaps Analytics Google Sheets Data Binding

Geographic Locations

Select the column with your geographic locations. It can be a state, country, address, or comma separated latitude,longitude. Note, that addresses are limited to 100 locations in standard and lite versions

1333 Camino Del Rio S, Diego, CA
New York


Select the column with labels that you would like to see when you click on individual points or regions. The for intermediate to advanced users, you can combine (concatenate) multiple columns and also use HTML to format your labels.

Simple Examples

Doctor 4243434

HTML Formatted Examples
<b>Doctor 424343</b><br>Category 1


Select the column with numeric values that you would like to view in the map and use for other functionality like color (choropleths) or other additional features in CMaps Designer.

NOTE: Value formatting is stripped out, so inside of CMaps Analytics $ are removed and % is represented as decimals. This is a future planned functionality to inherit cell formatting.


(Optional) This is an optional column where you can define colors using hexadecimal color codes.

Example Color Red: