Advanced InfoWindow

Introduction to Advanced InfoWindow

CMaps Analytics API V2 and beyond include a new advanced InfoWindow. This window pane is by default, anchored to the right side of the map.

Turning on Advanced Info Window will enable a series of functions like ranking, filtering, search, directions and other common features requested by business users.

CMaps Analytics Designer currently does not supprot Advanced InfoWindow inside of the designer. Instead, it is required to export to HTML for testing. This will soon be added as a supported feature inside of Designer.

When enabling Advanced InfoWindow, end users can enable the window using the standard icon.


Summary view provides an information rich overview of your map visualization. With built-in location analytics, you can use the viewable area, map layer, and selected location to calculate and visualize basic metrics. Additionally, standard InfoWindow information is displayed as a “Description”.



Label filters :allow you to type in a Label based search / filter. The label filter uses a “Contains” condition so any full or partial results are included and displayed on the map. The Label filter uses the Labels data field.

Value filters: Use min/ max values to constrain points displayed on the map. The values filter uses the Values data field.

Ranking: Show the top and bottom x values.



Search tab provides standard Google search and Google Places Search (premium feature that requires Google Maps for Work).



Drive tab includes two sub-tabs: Drive distance polygons and dirtections / routes.

1. Drive distance polygon creation

Drive time polygons, provide a dynamic method for generating polygons for drive time or distance. These polygons can be utilized to constrain and filter locations within the map view.

Start / Origin: The origin of the polygon is a determined centerpoint. End users can use the browser/ device current location (used in mobile), selecting a point on the map, or clicking on any blank point in the map.

Distance: Distance can be entered as a single or multiple comma seperated values. When using a value like 5,10,15, the drive polygon service will create 3 rings around the same origin.

Unit: Miles, Killometers, Meters, Minutes.

While distiance is a specific measure that uses road networks to determine distance, time is an an approximation based on assumptions for drive conditions and speed.

Show Points INSIDE / OUTSIDE bounds: Checking either of these options will automatically supress locations that exist inside or outside of bounds. This allows for runtime analysis of locations inside and outside of drive distance bounds.


2. Directions / Route Manager

Directions pane is designed for single or multi-waypoint directions. CMaps Analytics dirtections pane uses Google Maps Directions API for up to 8 locations from Advanced InfoWindow.


Start and End Points: The start and end points can be filled as current location, a point on the map, or by simply clicking on any point inside of the map.


Cache: CMaps Analytics view will cache the last generate directions. If the same CMaps Analyics map is opened at a future date, the saved directions will be available from the local browser or device cache. The caching using HTML5 SQLite to store these directions, which are not transmitted to CMaps Analytics cloud.

Multi-Waypoints: CMaps Designer Advanced InfoWindow currently supports up to 8 Waypoints which can be re-ordered at any time independant of map selections. A waypoint can also be set to the device / browser current location, or clicking on the map.



Open in Google Maps: The route manager offers a single click export option to open routes in Google Maps.


Drill tab provides a current status of the layer and drill path for multi-layer, drillable maps.


Select tab provides an alternative to the multi-select toolbar, allowing end users to define how they select locations on the map. Multi-select is currently only supported for points.


Street View

Clicking on a point within the map will attempt to display the correct street view. Locations that do not contain a street view will currently display a gray panel.



Help panel currently displays contents to help end users utilize the map view.