Basic CMaps Plugin / GMaps Plugin

Standard Template

CMaps Plugin / GMaps Plugin standard template is a great starting point to reverse engineer and learn how to configure basic map functionality including icons, shapefiles, html labels, dynamic colors, and other basic features. INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: L
tags: alerts, basic template, getting started, icons, points, shapefiles
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Map Labels

Learn how to format map labels for popup infowindows as users click and hover over icons within the map. DOWNLOAD GMaps Plugin Template DOWNLOAD CMaps Plugin Template
tags: basic template, getting started, HTML Labels, labels
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Pan Zoom

Define alerts logic through the alerts tab or manually via color binding. DOWNLOAD CMap Plugin Template
tags: basic template, pan, zoom
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Custom Icons

Use custom artwork, PNGs, and SWF files, as icons that can be overlaid on top of the base map. Using icon key, you can also dynamically change standard icons.  DOWNLOAD CMaps Plugin Template
tags: basic template, icons
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Selector Basics

Use existing SAP Dashboards selector features, enabling the map to behave as a selector to trigger dashboard analytics. DOWNLOAD CMAPS Plugin Template 
tags: basic template, selector
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Series Visibility

Dynamically show / hide layers within the map using series visibility. DOWNLOAD CMaps Plugin Template
tags: basic template, map series, series visibility
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Regions & Admin Areas with Shapefiles

Learn the basics for importing a shapefile into CMaps Plugin and how to navigate multiple geographic grains of data. DOWNLOAD CMaps Plugin Template
tags: basic template, regional analysis, Shapefile, shapefiles
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Dynamic Map Selection

Dynamically select a location within the map using external SAP Dashboards components or Excel logic. DOWNLOAD CMaps Plugin Template
tags: basic template, selector
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Enable users to select multiple points within the map using the multi-select feature.  DOWNLOAD CMaps Plugin Template In addition to toggling multi-selection, there is also an ad-hoc panel for enabling multi-selection in CMaps Plugin. VIEW DE
tags: basic template, Data Filtering, drilling, multi-select, selector
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NEW- Reverse Geocode

Transform latitude, longitude data into human readable address data using the new reverse geocode feature. DOWNLOAD DASHBOARD
tags: basic template, geocode, reverse geocode
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Display Values Text

Display text values from the "Values" property directly on top of the map using the Labels Icon type. DOWNLOAD CMaps Plugin Template
tags: basic template, labels, Text icons
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Filter Points

Merge standard selector to visually filter locations within a map by a single dimension. DOWNLOAD CMaps Plugin Template
tags: basic template, data, Data Filter, Filtering Data
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Working with Series

Learn the basics for working and layering series to create the most common mapping experiences for your customers. VIDEO: Learn how to create this dashboard DOWNLOAD GMaps Plugin Template NOTICE: This template is only available for download
tags: basic template, getting started, map series, series
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Alerts and Heatmaps

Alerts are a powerful way to utilize business data to control the color and orientation of your dashboard. CMaps Analytics allows developers to not only change the color, but also the icon style as values reach pre-defined data thresholds. DO
tags: alerts, basic template, color, heatmap
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Advanced CMaps Plugin / GMaps Plugin

The following templates require you to be logged-in as a partner or Centigon Guru