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Who is Centigon Solutions and What is CMaps Analytics

Centigon Solutions is an enterprise independent software vendor based in San Diego California. Our flagship product, CMaps Analytics is an embedded Location Intelligence platform, that is integrated with leading platforms like SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft Sharepoint, and others. Learn More About the Company

WHAT WE DO: Simplify combining business and geo-spatial information together.

HOW WE DO IT: Using cloud data services and point and point and click tools, we allow companies to connect and embed Location Analytics into other systems – CMaps Analytics

WHAT DOES CMAPS ANALYTICS DO: Helps businesses use location, distance, and proximity to drive decisions.

SECRET SAUCE: Focus on business intelligence, visualization, and user adoption, and work backward to technology integrations.VIEW SOLUTION BENEFITS

TECHNOLOGY: Cloud designer, cloud APIs, native integration kits / extensions for on-premise BI, pre-packaged analytics.

WHAT INDUSTRY: Currently CMaps is positioned as a BI play – Manufacturing, Automotive, Technology, Transportation, Real Estate, Healthcare, Retail

HORIZONTAL MARKET APPROACH: Sales, Executive, Operations, HR


  • Geographic scorecards
  • Region analysis
  • Route optimization
  • Drill down
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  • 15 Data visualization Layer Types
  • Use for cloud and/or on premise enterprise apps,
  • 100% cloud and client-powered solution.
  • Native extensions



How to Sell Location Intelligence

Get up to Speed

We have pulled together our collective knowledge into a series of thought leadership articles that will have you speaking the lingo, impressing clients, and running circles around your competition:

Maps go together like peanut butter and jelly – Breaking maps down in simple terms – Why Maps?

Emergence of Geo in Business Intelligence– 2012 forward-looking statements to where we are today – Still relevant

Why geo is the next big data visualization trend– Today looking forward – All about analytics

3 Steps to mapify your big data KPIs– Thinking strategically with maps – top down thinking

Location Intelligence Dictionary – For our tech-sales folks here is a great way to get the basic lingo.


Technology Solution – Bottom Up

CMaps Analytics objective provides partners, integrators, and customers with a software solution that simplifies the process for creating and embedding, Location Intelligence into to existing platforms and software investments.

CUSTOMER: A technical sale is typically delivered through an  IT-led initiative, who is the evaluator and procurement influence. It is likely in this scenario the customer has identified a technology deficiency in their existing infrastructure. For example, SAP provides sub-par mapping capabilities so CMaps Analytics extensions fill a technology gap, allowing IT to deliver a Location Intelligence solution.
More about CMaps Analytics Platform

POSITIVES: With a clear technology gap, CMaps Analytics is typically a low resistance solution because it does not require server install or lots of configuration steps. As such defining success criteria early can lead to a fast selection of the solutions.

NEGATIVES: A technology sale may be focused on technology features rather than driving value to the business as such, maps and Location Intelligence may be perceived as a “nice to have” by IT. Where a business user or influencer may have specific needs which could help drive a meaningful discussion to uncover “Must have” requirements.


DONT: For IT / technology centric sale, the #1 goal is NOT to have customer simply download software and have them play until they find a problem to solve.

DO: Outside of typical qualification process, the top priority is to get to a guided tour / demo of the software which is the fastest and easiest way to clear away potential objections, caused by complexities of competing solutions, or lack of understanding by customer technology stakeholders.

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Business Solution – Top Down

Embedded Location Intelligence is used to better harness location, proximity, and distance to enrich the decision-making process. The solutions are based on typical business questions like “where are my customers coming from?” or “Where are assets or events that need immediate attention?”

CUSTOMER: While most CMaps Analytics solutions are validated by IT, having a business stakeholder driving the business solution discussion is always preferred. In many cases, customers are looking for guidance how to harness Location Intelligence because it is new to them. If there is the opportunity to drive a business discussion where Location Intelligence is a driver, we would like to be a part of such conversations to help arm you with the right knowledge and materials.

ASSESSMENT WORKSHOP: We now have a guided workshop / assessment where we can work with the customer to drive strategic Location Analytics initiative. Please contact us for more details. MORE INFO

POSITIVES: Shorter overall sales cycle is the result, along with an opportunity to properly educate and set expectations rather than relying on business generated requirements that could lead to a failed project.

NEGATIVES: Only real negative of a solution sale is if it happens to be a shadow IT project. Sometimes IT can slow down the install and testing process. Luckily CMaps Analytics does not require a server install and minimal resistance to prove a solution.



Generally, the outbound prospecting / hunting activities revolve around established ecosystems of customers based on previous technology investments. CMaps Analytics is strategically aligned to various platforms:


Google Maps for Work Customers

Enterprises with internal use enterprise apps

  • No Existing Google Maps License- Net New- Implement 10-20x faster, improve life cycle management
  • Owns Google Maps for Work- extend value from Google investment, create new apps, potentially swap out and improve existing apps

Indépendant Software Vendors with Commercial Apps (Google Maps OEM)

  • No Existing Google Maps- Net New- Implement 10-20x faster, improve life cycle management, add analytics features
  • With existing maps- extend value from Google investment, create new apps, potentially swap out and improve existing apps


  • ESRI
  • MapBox / Open Sources
  • Build VS Buy
  • CartoDB for cloud hosted solutions
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SAP BusinessObjects

For Reports- Compatibility Guide

  • Plug and play solution for maps with no server-install requirements
  • Google Maps consumer experience inside of SAP BusinessObjects
  • Build once deploy everywhere (for future integrations with SAP Lumira, Design Studio, etc).


  • Galigeo- Provides equivalent solutions using ESRI or OpenSource
  • SAP- includes basic maps out of the box
  • OpenSource – Build vs Buy (should be flushed during qualification)
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OEM- Add Maps to Existing Platform (ISVs)

Enterprise BI / Analytics providers who don’t have maps but want to “go Google”

Startup < $10M Outsource innovation (not big enough to have dedicated maps team)

SMB < 100M revenues Not enough focus or time, need to catch up

Enterprise $100M revenues-  Previous failed attempts

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Value Added Integrations

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 (Sharepoint 2013 coming Q2 2015)

CMaps Analytics has a native Sharepoint extension, but it is limited to maps templates connected to a single report part.


Qualification of an Opportunity

Over 80% of the data captured within an enterprise has some location attribute, so finding an opportunity for mapping / geo is fairly easy. Either the customer will need to be prompted to evaluate maps as an opportunity or the customer will specifically ask for their options to accomplish integrating maps/geo into a BI initiative:

What is the customer currently using for mapping / geographic analysis?

ANSWER: Customer does not know or nothing:

This is a great opportunity to pitch the exploration of using maps within the BI initiative via our workshop for Mapifying KPIS. Most customers still don’t know that this is even possible, so the idea of injecting a Google-like experience right within business dashboards. This alone is is enough to get the conversation started for IT or business stakeholders.

ANSWER: Customer has a solution like ESRI

Great news, because CMaps Analytics provides native support for ESRI Maps

Many organizations currently use GIS tools somewhere in their organization (typically ESRI). However, the access and availability of these tools to the business is not possible because they are too confusing and complicated or don’t directly integrate. Like SAP, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is a specialized skill set which is usually disconnected from the business intelligence initiative and always disconnected from Business stakeholders.

ANSWER: Customer has Google Maps

This is a perfect answer, because it establishes a pre-existing demand and an existing investment that we can enhance with CMaps Analytics Designer to create content faster, and deliver a new wave of value to business stakeholders quickly. A customer with an investment in Google Maps should be a slam dunk for CMaps Analyyics.

If a customer wants maps / Location Intelligence

Article: Qualify an opportunity for CMaps Analytics Designer / API

If a customer has SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

Article: Qualify an opportunity for CMaps Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards


Presentation Resources

Latest PPT and customer briefing materials

Market Study- Wisdom of the Crowds Location Intelligence (how CMaps Compares)

Key Points Points During Presentation



  • Plug and play solution point and click creation of maps
  • No server-side install requirements
  • Data is secure (no data upload requirements to Google or any third party servers) Security Docs
  • Streamline days or weeks of development into hours
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Evaluation / POC

More information on requesting keys for customers: CLICK HERE

Price Quote 

Provide a detail quote for pricing and supply information about pricing.

Price quotes to customers should be completed by Centigon Solutions sales or official Centigon Solutions reseller partners.



When a customer decides to take next steps to procure CMaps Plugin please send a PO to

Objection Handling

If customers have objects, technical questions, or any concerns, we recommend engaging the Centigon Solutions sales team who can provide required materials to satisfy objections. The following article covers objection handling.


Competitive Scenarios

At Centigon Solutions, we track the entire Location Intelligence landscape and do our best to keep up with industry and competitive offerings to ensure we are offering comparable features, pricing, and packaging. If you are running into a competitor and need specific details, please contact Centigon Solutions for the latest competitive intelligence.

CMaps Analytics vs SAP GeoMaps

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Build vs Buy

With a variety of open source alternatives to Google Maps and ease of development with JavaScript/ HTML Build vs Buy can be a scenario requiring further explanation of the value of CMaps Analytics. In a typical enterprise scenario, we seldom see build vs buy for native extensions, but often run into the objection for CMaps Analytics Designer as a platform. Only IT cares about build vs buy, so we typically push on the business and highlight that time to market (production), reduction of coding, increased life cycle management speed, and perpetual innovation are key drivers for success. Technologists will typically prefer to build, where Business (increasingly control budget) want speed of delivery and success. That is what CMaps Analytics helps deliver.

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Out of the Box

When complimenting existing platforms we also compete with what comes out of the box. Sometimes it is an objection to use what they have or a general objection for paying for mapping twice. This is where it is important to double down on the premium extension/connector. The goal of CMaps Analytics is to aid organizations to answer more sophisticated questions where out of the box solutions fall short.