Welcome to our PPT Slide Deck and Data Sheet Library. This is our new hub for internal and external use PowerPoint slide decks to ensure our partners always have the latest and greatest content.

Customer Facing Sales PowerPoint (do not Redistribute)

Feel free to use these slide decks for customer facing sales presentations, events, etc. The content in these slide decks however is not approved for re-distribution to customers or other third parties. Please see our section below which is intended for distribution, or simply make a direct request to partners@centigonsolutions.com if there is any content you want to use for other marketing purposes.

Single Slide Summary – March 2015- Use this slide with your own template to summarize your ability to deliver location intelligence with CMaps Analytics.

CMaps Analytics Platform Slideshow / Deck 2016 – Includes information about the company, platform, and specific integrations / extensions.

Distributable Materials for Customers

CMaps Analytics Designer 2015 Solution Briefing | PDF Updated Jan 2015

CMaps Analytics for SAP BusinessObjecs PDF | Updated Sept 2015 (3MB)

Single Page Data Sheets / Handouts for Customers

CMapsAnalytics for SAP

CMaps Analytics for Microsoft

CMaps Analytics for Google for Work

Approved Media for other Marketing