Report an Issue with CMaps for Google Sheets

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Now, you can report issues right inside of CMaps Add-In


Located at the bottom of CMaps Analytics data tab, you can click on the support bar at the bottom of the page and report issues directly inside of the product. This process will automatically create a support ticket for your account. If your map is incorrectly displaying information AND the information presented is not considered sensitive, you can also optionally share a screenshot.

Submitting Console Log

Sometimes to troubleshooting an error could require an extra level of investigation. Google chrome luckily can provide a wealth of information that will let us troubleshoot your map. The following is steps to retrieve debug information from the extension.

In chrome select the options icon:


Select “More Tools”


Select “Developer Tools”


Now, you will see a new window appear in Chrome on the side or bottom of your browser.

Select the tab called “Console”


With your mouse, please highlight and copy the contents of the console by pressing on your key board “Ctrl” and the letter “C” to copy the contents to your clipboard.


You can then paste these contents by pressing “Ctrl” and the letter “V”

Now you are a troubleshooting pro! We can take this information and help narrow down the cause and resolve your problem quickly. If you still need help we can walk you through the process.