How to figure out your domain for authorizing Google Maps

To publish a dashboard to your BOE, NetWeaver, Sharepoint, or other sites, you need to authorize use of Google Maps for those sites. That process completed through the Centigon Solutions support team.

How do you know exactly what domain to provide?

The fastest way is to publish your dashboard, open it up, and then copy the full URL that you use to access the dashboard and sent it to the team. We will extract the domain, authorize it and your map will immediately begin to work.

Example URL: http://dev.server:8080/BOE/Infoview
What you will copy: http://server

Common error indicating you need to upgrade to get your domain authorized

ERROR “Initialization failed: please check the API key, SWF location, version and network availability”

If you get the previous error, you need to not only get the domain approved, but also request a GMaps Plugin Enterprise Trial upgrade. A quick call or email to Centigon Solutions sales will have you upgraded quickly.