How do I get started with Webi Extension with CMaps Analytics Designer

CMaps Analytics extension for Webi is powered by CMaps Analytics APIs. This provides plug and play maps innovation into your secured Business Intelligence environment.

To download CMaps Analytics extension, please follow these simple steps:

1. Log into CMaps Analytics Designer

For existing customers, you can get into CMaps Analytics Designer from the customer portal:


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2. In CMaps Analytics Designer, select the Extensions page icon


3. Select the “Download” option under SAP Web Intelligence Reports (BI4.1)

4. Review the install and configuration guide:

System Requirements Guide: Make sure you have a compatible version of BusinessObjects or contact Centigon for details

Install Directions : For BOE admin with access to server environment

Configuration Directions: For admin / power users with access to CMC and Webi

NOTE: CMaps Analytics extension for Webi is compiled using an SAP supported SDK called Webi Extension Points. As such, we utilize the same process for installation as described by the SAP Documentation. The install process requires admin access to your BI4.1 application server which hosts Webi / LaunchPad.

If you do not have such access but still would like to validate and test the extension, please contact our team and we can grant access to a test sandbox instance.

5. Review our Knowledge Center for Webi