CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards insertion with multiple series

One problem you may have experienced with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards is the inability to use multiple series (layers) that insert into a single destination cell. This is actually a limitation of Xcelsius that we have inherited as an add-on component.

The following screenshot was taken from a standard Line Chart component with “Drill Down” enabled. As you can see when you try to bind the Destination for two different series, into the same cell the following error appears.

Modeling GMaps Plugin after standard SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards charts, we wanted to ensure developers have the ability to bind unique source and destinations for a series. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not warn users of this inability like Xcelsius. We are looking into building our own property sheet warning in a future version and until then offer the following fix:
Like charts, there is a common approach, where you can use the “series name destination” property to look up the correct value. We have added the following template to our Free GMaps Plugin Template Gallery so you can see first hand how to easily create multi-series selection with GMaps Plugin.


If you want to learn how to layer multiple series together, you should also check out this video, with best practices for layering and filtering series.