CMaps Plugin Developer Upgrade vs New Install

Upgrading to CMaps Plugin as a developer from GMaps Plugin is an extremely simple task.

NOTICE: To use the upgrade process your developer needs to have previously installed GMaps Plugin Developer on their computer using our EXE installer. If you have never installed GMaps Plugin on your developer machine, you will need to complete a full install, which is also a quick process. Install instructions for new install

Step 1: Verify your existing install and key for GMaps Plugin Developer

To accomplish this task, you are going to download and install the latest CMaps Plugin component.

1. Download the latest CMaps Plugin XLX from Centigon Solutions support portal

2. Install CMaps Plugin 4.xlx (add on component inside of Xcelsius), presumably replacing your GMaps Plugin component.

3. Insert CMaps Plugin on canvas and open property sheet. Go to the CMaps Plugin “Info” tab and scroll to the bottom. Located on the bottom of this tab is your authentication/license key.

IF THE TEXT BOX HAS DATA: It will contain your license key and authentication key. The licene key is a 9-12 digit code that you will convert during the upgrade process below.

IF THE TEXT BOX IS BLANK: You may not have GMaps Plugin Developer installed, or have an old legacy version. In either case, you will need to run through a full install of CMaps Plugin using our EXE process.  Install instructions for new install

Because you already have your CMaps Plugin component installed, you just need to register it using the EXE to begin using CMaps Plugin.

Upgrade Process

1. Download the latest CMaps Plugin XLX from Centigon Solutions support portal

2. While inside of the Centigon Solutions customer portal, go to the “Convert GMaps License” tab

3. Select the registered license you would like to convert. (Note that this tab will only show licenses that are registered as GMaps Plugin Developers”. All other license will be new installs.

4. Install the XLX plugin inside of SAP Dashboards and re-open the map property sheet.


Migration Process for your Dashboards XLFs:

Note- If you are upgrading a dashboard project that was not built recently, prior to upgrading to CMaps Plugin, please open the dashboard with GMaps Plugin and ensure it operates correctly. After confirmation, save a new copy of your dashboard project (XLF).

The following is a detailed process to migrate a dashboard built with GMaps Plugin. These instructions assume you have either upgraded your CMaps Plugin component in SAP Dashboards or run through the install process on a new computer and registered your license.

Step 1. Open your XLF.
Step 2. Open the property sheet for CMaps Plugin (this will force the component to migrate all properties and refresh itself).
Step 3. Re-save your XLF project with a new file name.
Step 4. Open your newly saved XLF.
Step 5. Re-Publish or Preview your Dashboard to check and ensure  the Dashboard (SWF) operates the same way it did prior.

MULTIPLE MAPS- At this time the only un-supported feature from GMaps to CMaps is multiple maps. We have created a new solution for multiple maps illustrated here:

TIP- It is preferred when you upgrade Centigon Components, that you use the same version of Xcelsius that was originally used to increase the success rate of migration. We understand that this is a top priority to ensure Centigon Solutions components do not effect a project life-cycle.