CMaps Keys and Errors Explained

Invalid Request: This request is invalid

This error is returned from CMaps Analytics license manager, and indicates one of multiple problems with your license key.



The standard error will not reveal specifics about the root cause but the following can be evaluated prior to contacting Centigon Support:

Trial Users Causes

All trial page views have been consumed

30 day expiration has occurred

Multiple trial keys were downloaded within a period of time for a single user

Invalid key that was not copied over correctly

Full Version Users

After migrating from a trial to a full version, there is still a trial key in your spreadsheet. Simply delete the key and re-open your dashboard.

Existing GMaps Plugin Developer license was not upgraded

CMaps Plugin XLX was installed but EXE installer was not used to permanently register the component

GMaps Plugin Specific Errors

Domain Authorization Error

If you provided the Centigon sales team with your domains and still get the above error, you may have supplied an incorrect domain or may be publishing to a server that was not approved. If your site has sub-domains, port numbers, or sub folders where your SWF will reside, you should ONLY include the domain itself and EXCLUDE sub domains, ports, and folders.

Example URL: http://dev.server:8080/BOE/Infoview
What you will copy: http://server