Broken calculations in Filtered Summary

While the calculation properties are well-tested and vetted through hundreds of customers and estimated thousands of dashboards, it is not impossible during development to have a filtered summary component aggregate or filter incorrect values. From our knowledge base we have pulled the following reasons that values can show up incorrectly when aggregated:

1. Adding columns:

Filtered summary is not aware as you add new columns to remember column calculations. For example, if you SUM column 2 in a 2 column data set, adding a third column will not shift the calculation; it will continue to SUM column 2. It is recommended that if you need to add a column to a range with filtered summary, to either re-assign the proper column calculations and filters or re-insert the component.

2. Unbinding Filters

At this time, un-binding a component by selecting and deleting the binding will set filters to null, which could create un-desired filter effects. If you want to remove a filter without deleting the component, you can leave the binding and use a wildcard (*) to ensure data is not filtered.

3. Adding rows to large data sets

Adding an extra row to a data set when the source data property contains more than 2000 cells, can potentially cause issues. Because SAP Dashboards and the filtered summary component reprocess the source data automatically, we have seen Flash Player time out, thus loosing some bindings or causing issues and even in some cases Excel crashing. It is recommended that once you bind Filtered Summary source data, if it is bound to a large range and that range must change, to first un-bind the source data property.