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CMaps Analytics for Google Docs (Sheets) is a plug and play extension that allows you to create interactive maps right from within Google sheets.

Step 1: Connect to your Data


Google Sheets is opened from the Add-Ons menu, and provides basic properties to link data to your map.

DATA SECURITY NOTICE: When you load data from your Google Sheet into the CMaps Analytics Add-on, your data never leaves Google sheets. This is important to maintain the integrity of your data security.

Step 2: Choose your Map Designscreenshot2

CMaps Analytics extension provides a few of predefined map design templates that spreadsheet users can utilize out of the box. Simply clicking on the design will change the template immediately.


The power of CMaps Analytics is the ability to import new, custom map designs from CMaps Analytics Designer. If you would like to create custom map templates and use them within your reports, you can use CMaps Analytics Designer to create more visualizations like custom territories, drive time views, or fine tune business alert thresholds and drill behaviors, CMaps Analytics Designer is jam packed with over 100 configurable properties.

Step 3: View and Analyze your Data


CMaps Analytics provides interactive visualization and analysis tuned for a Google Sheets user. For example, using the free-form or radius selector or pan/zoom to a subset of locations, so you can insert the results into a new spreadsheet.


Additional Documentation to Get Started

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