We have curated popular data sources for use with CMaps Plugin.

For newer CMaps Analytics Designer solutions, all of the data is embedded as out of the box layers that you can configure with Regions layer type.

Location Shapefile Lat,Long Data (CSV)
World by Country Download Download
Countries by State See Shapefile Download Manager below Download
US by County Download
US by Zipcode
US by Neighborhoods Call for details Call for Details

CMaps Analytics Shapefile Explorer

For global shapefiles for use directly inside of CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards, you can use the following tool to quickly connect and visualize common global administrative areas, including the shapefiles listed above:


View Shapefile Explorer

Other Free Shapefile Resources


Select and download free geographic (GIS) data for any country in the world.


Map Layers Warehouse (USA)
Airports, cities and towns, states, county boundaries, railroads, roads, shaded relief of North America, time zone, water features from the National Atlas of the United States.

Cartographic Boundary Files (USA)
Cartographic Boundary Files, Shapefile, digital outline map files – U.S. Census Bureau.

National Transportation Atlas Data Shapefile Download Center (USA)

The California Spatial Data Library (USA)

GeoBase (Canada)
GeoBase provides free geospatial data in shapefile format.


Download street, railway, POI  maps in shapefile format (.shp.zip).


Download street, railway, POI  maps in shapefile format (.shp.zip).