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Frequently asked Licensing Questions

How do page views work?

When a dashboard or mobile view is initialized in a browser or mobile device, it will log a single page view with Google and/or TomTom. Any further interactions within the mapping interface will NOT count as additional page views. These interactions include:

  • Panning
  • Zooming
  • Swapping data points via SWF connectivity
  • Displaying or hiding data points
  • Showing and hiding the map via dynamic visibility

Only when the browser is refreshed or reloaded and the application initializes that an additional page view be counted.

Where can I point customers who have questions about licensing and page views?

Due to the large number of inquiries around pricing and licensing and page views, we now have a dedicated Purchase FAQ that addresses these questions.

Do I pay for consumption page views for publish and test on my development servers?

Any content published to a server environment is subjected to page view consumption regardless of the intended use.