We want to arm you with CMaps Analytics and make it easier than ever to build maps in SAP. We have finished a new licensing option that makes CMaps Analytics more approachable and reasonable to independent third-party system integrators and BI experts to adopt and introduce Location Intelligence to customers.

Why get an NFR license?

We want to engage and assist partners, so an NFR license and credit system provides incentive to use CMaps Analytics for free,. We want to ensuring our team can continue a single line of communication with our power users and champions and put our resources behind individuals and companies who have been using our software for years on a trial basis or who want to charge forward with Location Intelligence with a licensed solution that is affordable for NFR use.

2 Steps to Success


STEP 1: Acquire a CMaps Analytics NFR license for $49/month

You are reading this correct.. $49/month subscription will arm you with a full-featured CMaps Analytics products, which are however restricted from various distribution or publishing options which come with full licenses (or trials). When customer projects/ opportunities arise you can work with our team directly to get customer specific keys to evaluate CMaps Analytics.

FREE CREDITS: Register opportunities that you are working with our team and get free monthly or quarterly usage credits. Close an opportunity with our team and get a year of NFR license credits and commission check.. It’s that simple.

Not ready for the license? You can still enroll into the program:

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STEP 2: Work with our team to help customers succeed with Location Intelligence

  • Present your solutions and get instant visibility to hundreds of CMaps / SAP customers and thousands of followers.
  • Introduce us to your customers and receive monthly credits for NFR software.
  • Earn commissions on new CMaps deals and a free year with of monthly credits for NFR access.