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Looking forward to 2018 at CMaps Analytics

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Happy new year to all of our customers, partners, and CMaps Gurus!

2017 was a pivotal transition year for CMaps Analytics product and team. In 2017, we continued expanding CMaps Analytics capabilities while furthering our efforts to make CMaps Analytics 100% agnostic. Now CMaps users can choose between any map provider. At the same time we took the second half of the year to strategize, experiment, and plan for an exciting, dynamic landscape that is shaping well beyond 2018.


LI and BI are converging, so Location Intelligence from our perspective has always been an extension of analytics. The same way organizations use predictive analytics for specialized business problems, Location Intelligence should be an extension of the analytics toolbox and skill set. Location Intelligence platforms like Carto continue to push the boundaries and lower the barrier for LI while traditional BI players like Tableau and SAP continue to add more powerful geospatial capabilities into their products.


All organizations use data and analytics to “influence” decisions today. The level of influence from analytics (based on speed and accuracy) will dictate market winners and losers across a number of industries; especially those which are coping to keep up with changing consumer behavior. We believe embedded analytics is a massive opportunity to increase the level of influence data has in day to day decisions.

In 2018 and beyond, our team is focused on new challenging problems where embedded location analytics can deliver overwhelming value to people WHERE they work.

Over the next couple of months we roll out our simplified message, product offering, and website. We can’t wait to share it with you!



Analyzing Performance by Proximity

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How many customers are within x miles of me? This is a simple question that so many organizations struggle to answer. One version of the truth becomes difficult with proximity based analysis if your methods are inconsistent.
For example, driving miles are different from radius (“as a crow flies”), which may result in different data depending on your road network data and algorithms used to calculate drive distance. There are many different ways to approximate distance and time, and CMaps Analytics covers them all starting with basic radius based analysis, to complex drive time based polygons, powered by geospatial services.
Basic distance based analysis is 1 click away with our new radius analyzer in the latest release of CMaps Analytics JS API.
Now, you can ask more sophisticated questions like:
“How many customers are within 20 miles and what is their total value?”
In addition to showing 1 or multiple bands from any location, CMaps Analytics will calculate metrics on the fly using your data.
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Want to do more sophisticated comparative analysis in multiple regions or inject drive time polygons with traffic congestion data? Contact us for more details to extend our radius analyzer for a deeper level of Location Intelligence.
SAP Lumira Designer GeoSpatialPLUS Map Sales Dashboard Store address

New Partner Solution: GeospatialPLUS for SAP DesignStudio and Lumira 2.0

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Last week at #CMapsAnalytics17, we showcased how partners can utilize CMaps Analytics JS API to build new geo-visualization products and integrations.

One of the most exciting new developments is GeospatialPLUS, created by Archius, which can be installed inside of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio and Lumira 2.0.

In this demo, you can see how data driven maps by US Zipcode can be configured within a minute of loading data.

Archius has taken a formula that made CMaps Plugin a hit and pushed the needle forward so customers can benefit from data driven maps.

Why Choose GeospatialPLUS?

SAP Lumira GeoSpatialPLUS Advanced Conditional FormattingGeospatialPLUS is a brand new combined solution, but it is built with CMapsAnalytics API version 4, and on top of an already successful ChartsPLUS solution that Archius has matured over the years. Archius brings to the table years of experience implementing real-world dashboards with DesignStudio and deep technical knowledge building premium add-on solutions. Customers who use GeospatialPLUS get access to Archius competency center for Dashboard execution and CMaps Analytics resources for Location Intelligence.


SAP Lumira Designer GeoSpatialPLUS Map Sales Dashboard Store address

Get Access to GeospatialPLUS

GeospatialPLUS was announced last week and has been in customer ramp up. You can sign up here for a trial.


Why didn’t CMaps Analytics Build its Own Extension?

This is a question we have been fielding since last week. The answer is actually quite simple! To properly support the wide range of customer demands for geospatial dashboards in SAP, it requires a technical competency center and razor-sharp focus. Our team at CMaps Analytics originally built solutions for Xcelsius because it was our core focus. Now, our organization’s focus is building a best of breed maps API for analytics and business apps. Archius has a level of DesignStudio expertise both for implementation / training and add-ons that we can never catch up to. Now, SAP customers can get best of both worlds when they use GeospatialPLUS!


New Administrative Areas Coming to CMaps Analytics

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In an effort to simplify administrative area analysis we are continuously adding new data into our region geocoder. This month, we are adding United Kingdom postal areas.

Not all data is freely avaialble for commercial use. At CMaps Analytics we employ a number of techniques to acquire and calculate our own boundaries using open source data.

CMaps Analytics does provide custom region connector (geoJSON and Shapefiles) for custom, but for common administrative areas like state, country, and postal codes, we will continue to push forward including OpenSource and licensing premium data for our customer’s benefit.

Other regions coming to CMaps Analytics this month:

India Districts
India Taluks


Ultimate Guide to Move forward from SAP Dashboards with BusinessObjects

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By Ryan Goodman  – CMaps Analytics CEO

Many existing SAP BusinessObjects customers like yourself are well into their analytics journey. Today, there is a plethora of tools and services that transform data into dashboards and data visualization. Under the SAP umbrella alone, there are over 12 different tools and platforms for analytics.

For this article, I have outlined multiple paths forward for existing SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards customers. A recurring theme for this article is a requirement to invest in additional technology capabilities. Without investment, your competitors, colleagues, and community members are likely outpacing your organization’s ability to deliver information to business users.

In this article I will highlight investments you can make to extract as much value as possible from your SAP BusinessObjects investment and push your organization’s dashboard projects forward. Additionally, I have included how CMaps Analytics can be used with those investments.

Your options

  1. Squeeze as much juice out of SAP Dashboards as possible
  2. Buckle up, find a good partner, and keep chugging along the SAP roadmap
  3. Go back to the basics with advanced ad-hoc reporting
  4. Look outside of the SAP BusinessObjects box for better dashboards
  5. Bridge SAP BusinessObjects investment to new leading analytics platforms
  6. Move your dashboards to the cloud

Not sure where to go?

Schedule a meeting with our team

SAP Dashboards converted to HTML5:

What you can do: Squeeze as much juice from SAP Dashboards as possible.

How? While SAP focuses its development efforts on Lumira 2 and cloud, the InfoSol team has picked up the slack, adding new modern HTML5 components to bring SAP Dashboards forward. Their tool dCode harnesses the mobile output from SAP Dashboards to produce embeddable content.

What you give up:  SAP is not putting any resources into advancing SAP Dashboards.

Where to start: Request a copy of dCode

CMaps Analytics Support: CMaps Plugin is fully compatible with dCode, so all existing dashboards will continue to work using CMaps Analytics HTML5 maps.

SAP Design Studio / Lumira 2


What you can do: Buckle up, find a good partner and keep chugging along the SAP roadmap

How?: DesignStudio has been pitched to the marketplace as a component based design tool and while capable experienced gradual uptake instead of explosive growth. A small but vibrant ecosystem has developed training, services and technology extensions for DesignStudio and Lumira 2.0 (rebranding of DesignStudio).  For example, ChartsPLUS is the ultimate data viz package for DesignStudio.  Additionally if you have not seen MySmartApp, you will be blown away wondering why SAP is not showcasing it in every demo. There are too many good tools and add-ons to list, so I advise browsing the SAP App Center

What you give up:  Without extensions and training / assistance, you are left to fend for yourself with a platform that is growing and improving but not at the same speed as the BI/analytics marketplace.

Where to start: SAP App Center is the best place to start. You can request copies of ChartsPLUS and MySmartApp online

CMaps Analytics Support: CMaps Analytics is supproted for Lumara and no SAP DesignStudio / Lumira 2.0 with GeospatialPLUS


What you can do: Look outside of the SAP box for better dashboards

How?: I am a long time fan and ambassador of DecisionPoint which was recently acquired, and continues to advance beyond SAP BusinessObjects’ portfolio. Their Universe connectivity approach through WebIntelligence is an effective modeling workflow that allows customers to build better dashboards faster.

What you give up:  When up DesignStudio as the go-forward dashboard solution for DecisionPoint, a perception of paying twice for dashboards platform be the only hurdle. However, when you calculate the total development time and extension requirements for DesignStudio vs all inclusive DecisionPoint, it definitely changes the “total cost of ownership” dynamics.

Where to start: Sign up for a free trial online

CMaps Analytics Support: CMaps Analytics Designer and JS API is fully supported as an Antivia DecisionPoint component.

Web Intelligence


What you can do: Go back to the back to the basics with ad-hoc reporting

How?: WebI is used by almost 100% of SAP BusinessObjects customers, and with new interactive capabilities and an overhauled design coming to BI4.2 SP04, it may provide the baseline dashboard features once reserved for Xcelsius, Lumira, and DesignStudio. With native support for extensions and custom elements it opens the doors for lots of new features. 

What you give up:  You lose more sophisticated user experience logic and app-like features. Until customers upgrade to BI4.2 SP04 you are missing the sleek new design for Webi.

Where to start: Check out the latest and greatest Webi version to see the enhanced visualization capabilities in this article. How Webi could steal the show from dashboards.

CMaps Analytics Support: CMaps Analytics is fully supported as a visualization element for Web Intelligence, which can be imported into reports.


Tableau / Qlik


What you can do: Bridge BOE investments to new leading platforms or start fresh

How?: Many SAP BusinessObjects customers are adopting new analytics initiatives to Tableau, Qlik, and other platforms. The explosive growth of the analytics space and vibrant user communities have lowered the barrier and accellerated adoption of BI / Analytics. Now, there are multiple solutions to bridge existing Universe and reporting investments to Tableau and Qlik.

What you give up:  Direct integration with the SAP BusinessObjects platform and out of the box dashboards.

Where to start: InfoSol provides InfoBurst, which will burst Tableau workbooks  from SAP BusienssObjects. UniverseBridge delivers direct connectivity from BusinessObjects to Tableau and Qlik dashboards.

CMaps Analytics Support: At this time, we do not have direct support for Tableau & Qlik, but have partnerships to direct you to comparable functionality for mapping.

Cloud Analytics



What you can do: Move your analytics to the cloud

How? If you are looking to move from SAP BusinessObjects to cloud analytics, your organization is probably making moves in its overall analytics strategy. Presuming you are moving to SAP Cloud Analytics there will be an opportunity to re-use some assets like Universes in the future.

What you give up: If you are moving to SAP Cloud Analytics, all of your existing content will be siloed from the cloud. If you are starting over, there are a number of competing solutions that will ultimately make cloud analytics the next battleground.

Where to start: For SAP BusinessObjects cloud, talk to your account rep to get access or sign up online.

CMaps Analytics Support: CMaps Analytics is not supported for SAP Cloud Analytics but is supported in a number of cloud embedded analytics scenarios via our CMapsAnalytics.JS API and third-party extensions.


#CMapsAnalytics17 Annual Web Event June 7, 2017

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Join customers, partners, and web map designers, and learn from industry experts how to squeeze more intelligence out of maps using Location Intelligence.


Join us June 7th at 9amPST / 12pmEST for a 90 min event that features 4 guest speakers and will have some big announcements!

Reserve your Spot


#CMapsAnalytics17 is our annual web event where we showcase our latest customer/partner innovations using CMaps Analytics, what’s available, and roadmap forward.


If you use or plan to use maps for enterprise or public facing apps, we have 90 minutes jam packed with information to take your geospatial analysis and development forward with new tools to succeed.

Reserve your Spot



Essentials Bundle Bright Future with InfoSol

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Recently, we finalized our transition of Essentials Bundle to InfoSol, who has taken over the codebase, support, and delivery of innovative HTML5 solutions using SAP Dashboards and dCode.  With well over 1000 component licenses sold over the last 7, years we have enjoyed working with every SAP Dashboards customers who have used our solutions.

Infosol is THE undisputed champion for SAP Dashboards and their customers are pumping out some of hte most amazing dashboards using new dCode with HTML5. The future of Essentials Bundle is bright in the hands of InfoSol

Check out Essentials Bundle on Get dVeloping Site

What about CMaps for SAP Dashboards?

CMaps Analytics still provides full support for SAP Dashboards and you can continue to access and purchase the solution from CMaps Analytics, on, or directly from InfoSol.



New CMaps Element for SAP BusinessObjects Reports

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With each new release of CMaps Analytics JS API, we turn back to our existing customer base to experiment and enhance our mapping components, so new partners and integrators know CMaps Analytics JS API is battle tested. Next week we will release CMaps Analytics embedded element (version 1.1), which takes advantage of our new region geocoder.

Now SAP customers can visualize global data from country down to zip code, metro area, county, and even congressional district with a few clicks.

For our JS API customers and partners, experiences like this can be built with little coding. Want to see how we did it? Schedule a free consultation with our team.


Learn More and Sign Up

Moving forward from Basic Geomaps

If you don’t consider your maps to be a strength for your BI platform, you are behind the curve. Using CMaps Analytics JS API, we can transform any platform.

In this example we have standard geo maps which provide a single dimension and requires manual data cleansing and mapping.



CMAPS ANALYTICS: On the other hand CMaps Analytics cloud geocoder automatically handles this process with multiple aliases and localized geography names and no manual work involved. Fine grained control over formatting, pop-up windows, color, and basic spatial analysis built-in is one of a few capabilities that should come out of the box but are unfortunately unavailable. With more data down to zip code level, analysis widgets, and a growing list of data viz layers and third party integrations, CMaps Analytics is jam packed with functionality, which we are carefully introducing.


What’s Next?

With hundreds of properties and over 20 map layer visualizations at our disposal, we are working in pace with SAP’s enhancements to their custom element APIs.

Learn More and Sign Up

New CMapsAnalytics JS API Developer Resources

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With the latest release of CMaps Analytics JS API and an explosion of new capabilities and features, it was time to beef up our developer support and learning resources. Our existing partners and budding developer base need better resources, so we are rolling out the following resources this month:

Developer Forums – Now Available

Our new developer forums, offer a StackExchange style Q&A format, allowing CMaps Analytics developers to actively monitor and share knowledge with our partners and developers. While our traditional enterprise extension customers can continue to open cases, this scenrio / context specific code sharing approach is proven and effective. As you explore CMaps Analytics, get quick feedback and useful code examples.



CMaps Analytics CodePen – Coming Soon

Paired with our new forums, CMaps Analytics CodePen will ensure developers can quickly test, experiment and learn how to create geospatial experiences by example with CMaps Analytics JS API.

Example: Clustering by Distance


New JS Docs

We have updated our JS Docs process to ensure the speed of documentation matches the rapid pace of development that our partners and customers are pushing. Now, you can access the same JS Documentation our own team uses.


GITHub Repositories – OpenSource

Our team at CMaps Analytics has worked through third party partners to co-design open source solutions like our CMaps Region Generator. We have a number of tools created which we are looking to move into our own OpenSource GITHub repository so other partners and customers can benefit and contribute back. Look out for additional posts on our OpenSource efforts.


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What we learned from the AWS S3 Outage

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If you noticed, some of your favorite cloud services and apps were misbehaving on Feb 28th. That is because Amazon AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) experienced a mass failure . Read full article on TechCrunch.

Per Amazon’s website: “Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is object storage with a simple web service interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. It is designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability, and scale past trillions of objects worldwide.”

Unfortunately that durability had a lapse in uptime for 5 consecutive hours. Our team was notified within minutes of the outage and a recovery process, as the news spread across the web. Within 2 hours most of our web properties were up and running. Our JS APIs use S3 but run on a cache which protected us from the S3 outage. Unfortunately some of our assets like icons, and AdvancedInfowindows were impacted until Amazon resolved the issue.

So what did we learn from this outage? 99.999999999% may be accurate over many years for uptime, but 5 consecutive hours in the middle of business can be crippling. As such, for our asset delivery processes, we now operate with 48 hour cache period and have implemented a nightly S3 asset backup process, so should S3 go down again, we can restore services within minutes.