Developer Introduction to CMaps Analytics Designer

There are 3 major components that make up CMaps Designer…

CMaps Analytics Javascript API

While the App gets all of the marketing attention, the foundation of CMaps Analytics is our JavaScript API, which powers the entire map experience. CMaps Analytics Javascript API inherits the Google Maps for Work API, and provides hundreds of functions geared toward visualization and analysis of map layers. These layers are data driven through any cloud or on-premise integration that you build.

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CMaps Analytics Designer App


CMaps Analytics App is the front end, graphical interface for rapidly creating maps layers and views. This is where you can find tremendous time savings not just coding your basic maps, but also getting feedback from stakeholders by simply attaching your map to an email. CMaps Designer is a cloud-designer for rapidly creating geographic maps visualizations for enterprise business scenarios. Designers or Developers can create a wide range of visualizations using over 150 properties in a point and click property sheet.

CMaps Analytics Extensions

CMaps Analytics is born from native CMaps Analytics extensions from SAP BusinessObjects, first released in 2009. Now, armed with the same well vetted approach and a third generation CMaps Analytics JavaScript API, we are building a new wave of native extensions for SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft, and others. The result is a proven, bullet proof approach to injecting location intelligence into your own application. Additionally, we have a growing list of partners and OEMs who will power their next generation of mapping capabilities with CMaps Analytics extensions.

Who is CMaps Designer for?

1. System integrators / Javascript developers who want to use the output of CMaps Analytics in a custom, HTML5 application for desktop or mobile use.

2. Existing Google Maps for Business customers who want to accelerate delivery of maps to business users with data behind your firewall, with little to no coding coding.

3 Independent software vendors looking for a plug and play solution for delivering maps either as a hosted application, or using CMaps Analytics as a maps extension.

CMaps Analytics Designer does NOT require any coding or GIS experience. However, to integrate CMaps Analytics Designer views into your app requires basic Javascript skills using CMapsAnalytics.js API (includes API Docs).

CMaps Analytics Designer is accessed via cloud portal and ships with API Docs and sample code, illustrating how to integrate your CMaps Analytics output.

What can your build with CMaps Designer?

With CMaps Analytics Designer, you can build a variety of geographic visualization experiences, designed for a wide range of analytics applications. CMaps Analytics was designed with business users and analytics in mind.

Building Blocks for CMaps Designer Success


CMaps Analytics Designer allows you to instantly create maps visualizations like points, regions, and density maps with complete control over styling and interactivity. Aggregate, filter, drill and visualize your business data using maps.

Business Data

CMaps Analytics was built from the ground up with enterprise analytics in mind, thanks to our roots and tens of thousands of designers who have used our CMaps Plugin for SAP BusinessObjects by allows you to copy and paste data directly into the app for rapid prototyping, and through CMapsAnalytics JavaScript API, you can easily integrate into your existing connected business or mobile apps. Additionally, a CMaps Analytics view can connect directly to CSV or JSON formatted data sources.


From world by country, to country by state, CMaps Analytics also features out of the box regional views, allowing you to focus on visualizing business data than fetching and manipulating spatial data. Additional premium layers like drive time polygons and soon demographics layers will further enrich your location intelligence experience.


With multiple approaches for integration, CMaps Analytics extends a lot of power into system integrators hands for one-off applications, or embedded location intelligence tools. Additionally, CMaps Analytics is partnered with the best solution providers to help transform your maps vision into reality.

CMaps Designer Output Overview

Embedding CMaps Designer Views

The bridge between the CMaps Analytics Designer and the CMaps Analytics JS API is our XML property file. This CMaps Analyics property file is generated and saved to your computer (and can be loaded back into Designer at a later date). Inside of this configuration file is all of the properties needed to generate your map. With only a couple of lines of code you can embed and initialize your map inside of an application:

The following is a screenshot of basic output from CMaps Analytics Designer, which can be accessed directly inside of the application while designing the map.Capture as mapCfg). All of the properties exposed in CMaps Designer are input into mapCfg.


Working with Map Events

Built into CMaps Analytics Designer is an “Advanced” tab that allows a developer to expose any number of common events. As a map designer or developer exposes these events, CMaps Analytics Designer will automatically stub them out for easy integration into your application.


Connecting to Data

CMaps Analytics Designer provides multiple methods for loading data into a map including CSV and JSON, or direct integration into applications using JavaScript APIs. You can also rapidly prototype and test your data using a copy/paste from Excel feature. CMaps Analytics has a basic set of data fields for which it will require data:

  • Locations (lat, long or addresses or location names for shapefiles)
  • Labels (basic or HTML labels)
  • Values (measure)
  • Color (optional if you want to feed the map colors)
  • Category (optional dimension field used for specific features in the map like pie charts and other future planned features)
  • Drill IDs (Allow you to drill between layers using IDs from the parent layer for each record)

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CMaps Analytics JavaScript APIs (docs)

CMaps Analytics Designer provides a complete API Doc to interface directly CMapsAnalytics.js for integration into custom applications.

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