Sales FAQ

This article is for Centigon Solutions re-sellers and consulting partners to use as a quick reference for technical or process related questions that often come up. Here is our customer facing purchasing FAQ:

Explain CMaps Analytics vs CMaps Plugin vs CMaps Designer.

CMaps Analytics is the over-arching brand that encapsualates a combination of our cloud based map designer and native extensions.

CMaps Plugin is a continuation of a legacy product called GMaps Plugin, which is an extension for SAP Dashobards, which can also be used in SAP Mobile BI and Webi.

CMaps Designer is the future of the CMaps Analytucs suite and the hub for all future integration and extensions.

What versions of SAP / Dashboards / BusinessObjects are supported?

Requirements and compatibility guide is located on our CMaps Analytics Requirements Page which is regularly updated.

Do I get access to TomTom and/or Google?

With CMaps Analytics for SAP BusinessObjects extensions (Dashboards, Webi, Mobile), customers obtain a dual license to use  TomTom and MapBox (Flash Dashboards) and Google Maps (HTML5 / Mobile). CMaps Plugin is a plugin component build with Adobe Flash (for desktop dashboards) and HTML5 (for mobile dashboards). The Flash version uses TomTom and MapBox map base layers and the HTML5 mobile version uses Google Maps base layers. Because the mobile user experience and expectations are different, additional functionality is available on mobile, not on the desktop including directions and location awareness.

Why is Google Maps layers not avaialble for CMaps Analytics for SAP Dashboards?

Google has deprecated their Flash API for end of service September 2014. As a replacement, to extend the product life cycle and create a foundation for innovation, Centigon Solutions created a more robust Flash API that is vendor agnostic. After investigating all of the available map providers, we chose TomTom as the initial provider of map tiles and geocoding to maintain consistent licensing and pricing options for customers.

What is a page view and how does it work?

A page view is when a dashboard establishes a first connection with the map service. A single page view is logged asynchronously as the user interacts with the dashboard. At this time the license key is also validated to ensure the domain and key are approved. A user can interact, pan, zoom, refresh data under a single page view. A second page view is not counted unless the browser is refreshed and the dashboard is re-initialized.

How is CMaps Analytics Licensed?

CMaps Analytics is licensed as an annual subscription, granting access to maps page views and the use of CMaps Analytics tools against those page views. Included in the subscription is a pre-determined number of development license keys that are assigned to named users. The subscription is procured and renewed on an annual basis. The subscription is sized based on the total planned consumption page views.

What is support and maintenance costs?

There are no incremental support and maintenance costs, as incremental upgrades to map services automatically occur and incremental upgrades of tools are made available for download and use during the term of the subscription with no additional charge. Standard support is included as a part of the subscription, which grants a pre-determined number of support logins where users can log cases, monitor page view consumption, download software.

What is geocoding, polygons, and other techie terms mean?

We have defined the most commonly used technical jargon at our location intelligence dictionary. Cick Here