Page View Scaling and Administration Guide

V1.8 REVISED 9/16/2013

This document is intended for CMaps Analytics (formerly GMaps Plugin and GMaps Mobile) IT administrators, procurement, and other stakeholders who are responsible for maps subscriptions.

Understanding Consumption based Subscriptions: Page View

Software as Service offerings like Google Maps follow consumption based licensing model. “Page Views� is how Google Measures consumption, as opposed to service transactions.

As such Centigon Solutions inherits and adapts the “Page View� as our measure for sublicensing and offering maps services as a component to power CMaps Analytics (formerly GMaps Plugin) solutions. Centigon Solutions bundles both TomTom and Google Maps with equivalent definitions of page view licensing:

Definition of “Page View�: When the Licensed Software initializes a connection to cloud map service (Google Maps or TomTom Maps), it is immediately count a single Page View. Additional Page Views will not be counted until the runtime application is refreshed and re-initialized in the browser or 24 hours has expired without refresh.

Further clarification: Panning, zooming, refreshing through external sources, changing the visibility of the map or embedded visualization, and other interactivity with the map component itself will be counted under 1 single page view until the browser window or parent application is closed or re-initialized. 

Page View Bundling Through Centigon Solutions

Centigon Solutions has been a Google Maps reseller/OEM since 2009 and is one of the longest standing enterprise map providers to re-package Google Maps enterprise services within an enterprise product. In 2013 Centigon Solutions added TomTom maps to its portfolio with a similar OEM relationship.

Centigon Solutions bundles page views as an annual subscription, under the standard Google Maps and/or TomTom maps license agreements. An annual page view subscription includes a pre-determined number of page views that must be consumed within the term of the license (1 year).

Page View Tracking

Centigon Solutions provides online page view tracking with monthly reporting from Google Maps and ToTom maps. Within the page view tracking dashboard Centigon Solutions provides monthly totals. Monthly totals are also categorized for mobile and desktop/browser consumption.

Daily usage report Request– Upon request, Centigon Solutions can provide a daily report of page view consumption which is the lowest level provided by Google and TomTom.


Page View Estimation and Procurement

Centigon Solutions experienced team will use reasonable efforts to assist customers to estimate anticipated page view consumption for the first and subsequent terms.

Additional Consideration for initial purchase

  • • Ramp up time– The time to design deploy and rollout new dashboard applications can take several months thus delaying full utilization across the complete anticipated user base. This ramp up time should be taken into consideration.
  • • New procurement– This estimation assumes that this is a new procurement initiative and that established usage metrics are not available for existing dashboard projects
  • • Dashboard Maturity– This estimation assumes that the dashboard analytics maturity is low to average thus reducing the total utilization that is historically been estimated by customers. In a scenario where customers are injecting maps into a highly mature dashboard initiative with many dashboards in production, you will want to further consult with Centigon Solutions and use the page view calculator.

Page View Consumption is a simple function related to the adoption and usage of dashboards within an organization. A simple way to anticipate page views is to pull auditing or log data from an existing enterprise BI system to assess and anticipate adoption moving forward with maps enabled apps for browsers and mobile

Please see “Page View Estimations� section below to see which bundle would fit your business needs.


Page View Estimations

Understanding bands:

  1. 1. Casual usage- Many dashboards are used for performance analysis or descriptive analytics accessed weekly, monthly, and sometimes quarterly.
  2. 2. Operational Usage- Used daily and in limited cases for smaller groups of users, multiple times per day.

Overage Options:

Monitoring: Centigon Solutions provides monthly page view tracking for customer to access. In addition, the operations team at Centigon Solutions will notify any anomalies in usage like spikes or drops in usage or when the rate of consumption over multiple months would lead to early consumption of page views.

When page views are exceeded before the term expiration, Centigon Solutions will not suspend service. Instead Centigon Solutions will work with the licenor’s stakeholders and procurement to establish one of multiple options:

    1. a. At any point the licensor can procure additional page views to be applied to the existing license which must be consumed before the end of the license term. Page views in 25,000 or 100,000 page views must be consumed prior to the end of license term.
    2. b. For page view bundles greater than 250,000 page views, additional extension or rollover options are available upon request.


Bundling based on typical consumption

The following recommendations are based on existing consumption data and the number of reported end users from customers. Centigon Solutions, Google, and TomTom do not capture any identifying information about end users from dashboards so there is no consumption data down to the end user level. While Centigon Solutions customers ranging from small enterprises to large, global corporations typical dashboard deployments and business intelligence in general is limited to smaller groups of users.

NOTICE: The following numbers are pure generalizations based on existing experience with customers who are predominantly using GMaps Plugin. Centigon Solutions will not guarantee page view/user estimates because every customer and it’s projected/actual usage can vary based on a wide range of criteria.

Departmental (25,000 annual page views)

The departmental edition is a perfect bundle to start building geo-enabled dashboards to a small team with minimal up-front investment.

Casual Users: Recommended for up to 500 users.

Operational Users: Recommended for Up to 100 users.


Small Enterprise (100,000 annual page views)

The small enterprise bundle is our most popular, granting organizations with hundreds of users.

Casual Users: Recommended for 500-800 users.

Operational Users: Recommended for 100-300 users.


Mid Enterprise- (250,000 annual page views)

Casual Usage : Recommended for 800-2200 users

Operational Users : Recommended for 300-1000 users


Additional Page View Tiers 

1,500,000 annual page views

Casual Usage: 20,000 users

Operational Usage: 1M Page Views 1,000-9,000 users