How do page views work?

CMaps Analytics is a software as a service solution and is licensed and by annual consumption. The measure of consumption is “page views”.

What is is a page view

A page view is each time your web page, dashboard, report, HTML, is initialized containing CMaps Analytics maps, a single page view is counted. A second-page view is not counted until the page / browser is refreshed and the application is re-initialized

Why Page Views

CMaps Analytics follows a licensing scheme from Google Maps for Work, which is widely successful. Various map tile providers and cloud services are included with CMaps Analytics (including but not limited to Google Maps, MapBox, TomTom, and CMaps Cloud services).

Success as a service: The goal is to scale CMaps Analytics licenses based on your adoption and success. With bundles designed for the most common projects and enterprise needs, our page view pricing and licensing model has serviced hundreds of enterprises globally with much success.

Interactions that do NOT count or rack up page views?

These interactions that do NOT count additional page views include:

  • Panning
  • Zooming
  • Swapping data points via SWF connectivity
  • Displaying or hiding data points
  • Showing and hiding the map via dynamic visibility

Only when the browser is refreshed or reloaded and the dashboard / app is refreshed when additional page view be counted.

What if I run out of page views?

If you consume all of your page views during the license term, your app will not stop working, nor will your end users be affected in any way. Our CMaps Analytics cloud auto-notifies our team if you are trending or see an out of the ordinary spike in usage and will work with you to ensure you extract the most utility possible out of our page views, and also provide upgrade paths to simply procure more page views.

How are Page Views Tracked

When your CMaps Analytics view connects to the map service (Google, TomTom, MapBox, etc), it also makes a call to and indicates a single page view, along with the requesting domain for the purposes of allowing domain whitelisting. Access to consumption statistics can be requested through our customer portal.