Geocoding Security Guide

While CMaps Analytics is configured to interpret and render latitude,longitude data to render data, it is not capable of converting addresses locally. When using any non- lat/long data within an address or location properties, those locations are automatically transacted to TomTom and/or Google Maps services for the purpose of transforming address data into latitude/logntidue. This geocoding process provide by TomTom and/or Google do not gain access to any other meta-data or identifying information about the contents of your map.

CMaps Plugin Properties that are transacted to the TomTom Geocoding API Services



Data in CMaps Plugin for SAP Dashboards (Adobe Flash) transacts data directly from the component to TomTom via HTTPS. No data is persisted by TomTom, nor is the data transacted through CMaps Analytics cloud services. Additionally, no metadata in the map outside of the Address property is transacted to TomTom.

CMaps Analytics Designer Properties that are transacted to the Google Maps Geocoding API Services


Data in CMaps Analytics Designer or any HTML5 map produced in the CMaps Analytics suite utilizes Google Maps client geocoding services.