Centigon Software Deprecation

At Centigon Solutions, we manage our deprecation policies as technology standards and needs evolve. Particularly for our location intelligence tools that rely on third party mapping services from Google and TomTom, we are bound to the deprecation policies for use of these third party platforms, services, libraries, and APIs.

As market conditions, user needs, and technologies evolve quickly, Centigon Solutions always puts a heavy emphasis  maintain compatibility and support for legacy technologies.

Deprecated solutions no longer get security or bug fixes applied unless it is a P1 bug, meaning that the service or product becomes un-usable. Products that have reached end of support are no longer supported by Centigon Solutions.

The following is a list of products that are deprecated, when end of support is expected, and what the migration path is to seamlessly maintain desired functionality and utility within your organization.

End of Support Products

Xport Wizard
End of support 12/31/2012
Migration path: CSV Connector 2.0.4

Essentials Bundle V1
End of support 12/31/2013
Migration path: Essentials Bundle 2.5 or 3

CSV Connector V1
Planned end of support 12/31/2013
Migration path: CSV Connector 2.0.4

GMaps Plugin V1
End of Support 12/31/2012
Migration path: GMaps Plugin 2.5.1 or CMaps Plugin 4

GMaps Plugin V2-3.5 Flex2
End of Support 9/02/2014 pending any extensions that Google creates for final migration of content.
Migration path: CMaps Plugin 4 (release date Sept 2013) which requires SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 5.0.4 or higher.

GMaps Plugin V3.6 Flex4
End of Support 9/02/2014 pending any extensions that Google creates for final migration of content.
Migration path: CMaps Plugin 4 (release date Sept 2013) which requires SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 5.0.4 or higher.


Google Maps API for Flash is deprecated and end of service was September 2 2014. For GMaps Plugin customers, Centigon Solutions has created a migration path with CMaps Plugin; see migration path below.

Adobe Flex 2– Centigon Solutions has deprecated all Flex2 products with continued support for existing stand alone components. Adobe has reached end of support and extended support for Flex2 in June 2013 (more info). As such, any migration path for Flex2 components will require an upgrade to Flex4 versions of SAP Dashboards. For XI3.1 customers there is a Flex4 alternative approach outlined here.

Further explanation of GMaps Plugin to CMaps Plugin Migration path:

Xcelsius 2008 and early versions of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards are built on a Flex2 platform which has reached end of core support from Adobe 6/28/2011 and end of extended support in 6/28/2013. SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards version 5.0.4 and higher runs on Adobe Flex4 (supported through 3/31/2017). As such, it is Centigon Solutions intent to support Flex4 compatible versions through that same time period.

Google’s push to deprecate and end support for Google Maps API for Flash, Centigon Solutions took important steps to ensure customers can have a successful migration path moving forward, and that the core maps API and integration with SAP Dashboards is never compromised again. CMaps Plugin runs on CMaps Analytics API for Flash, which is now vendor agnostic and non-dependent on 3rd party services. To provide map tiles and geocoding, Centigon Solutions partnered with TomTom for CMaps Plugin 4 and will continuously evaluate the marketplace for new map services to enhance the CMaps Plugin experience.

Steps for migration and notes are located here: CMAPS PLUGIN MIGRATION PATH