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About Us

We are small team of experts with a passion for transforming data into knowledge. Our core team has on average 12 years of experience building BI / analytics solutions. We have thoughtfully applied passion and experience to build geospatial analysis solutions over the last 10 years for 200+ customers globally. Our obsession is using location, proximity, and distance to tell visual stories and drive action WHERE it is needed most.

We have built a global customer base ranging from mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies,CMaps Analytics services most industries including Retail, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Automotive, and Government.

From BI to LI

Our Journey

CMaps Analytics, formerly Centigon Solutions, started it's journey creating plugin solutitions for SAP BusinessObjects and built its reputation as trail blazers with SAP dashboards with over 700 customers globally. Today, CMaps Analytics is delivered as a cloud-based, Location Intelligence API used primarily for embedded analytics. Our customers have built a wide range of geospatial enabled dashboards, reports, and applications with one common goal: Extract value of geographic data from business applications using interactive data visualization. In 2014 our team set out to build build CMapsAnalytics.js as a cloud API to streamline the process for building these geo-analysis apps and continue to invest and prove its success through extensions.

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What our Customers Have to Say

CMaps is not only an excellent visual aid but also a valuable analytics component. The ability to extract drive time analytics has effectively helped us recognize employee drive time between various locations. As a result, CMaps has reduced work load and transformed the way we can impact quality.

Michael JoinerData Specialist, EIM FMC Technologies, Inc.

After seeing the power of location analytics in several demos and webinars, our team realized we needed a solution to expand our reporting and dashboard needs. We reviewed several products and performed hands on work with a handful of others. It became obvious the Centigon solution was the best fit for us. The ease of use, design, and array of features CMaps plugin offers made it a clear front runner and overall best bang for the buck solution. We look forward to new releases and the added value Centigon provides.

Robert Shoemake Analyst III, Data Warehousing American Red Cross

GMaps Plugin was flexible and easy to use. As we evolved, so did Gmaps ability to deliver a rich experience. The ability to interact with information through a map the way we demanded allowed us to ensure that our multiple location data points could be fully leveraged.

Nimish DixitSenior Director, Plant Planning & Finance FreshDirect

CMaps provides timely and cost effective location analysis. It's chocked full of features which help my customer visualize new trends in their data.

John Gresham Senior Consultant Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA

CMaps Analytics was instrumental in allowing us to leverage our existing investments BI technologies and resource skill to quickly develop location visualizations. This added a new dimension of value to our BI offerings while still delivering information in a consistent and standard look and feel.

Gabriel ChongSan Diego Gas & El

CMaps Plugin has consistently proven to be a favorite among our customers as a must have mapping solution for dashboards. GMaps Plugin allows my team to integrate mapping quickly thanks to its seamless integration with SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius). We don't offer dashboards without CMaps Plugin

Mico YukFounder and CEO BI Brainz

CMaps Analytics provides an intuitive look and feel that end users immediately feel comfortable with. This ease of use combined with real business data transforms decision making at all levels of an organization.

Todd GreenwoodPrincipal BI Consultant

Case Studies

ARI’s Vendor Management Dashboard increased our team’s capacity to prioritize vendors by geography, lower preferred customer rates 50%, increase sales for our vendors by 20%, and reduce customer’s overall maintenance costs by 20%. ‘


Centigon Solutions’ GMaps Plugin gave us the ability to prevent thousands of late deliveries by sending help to strategic regions 30-60 minutes before the customers would be affected.


Global Reach Via Partnerships

Our Partners

Through CMaps Analytics' journey we have created and formulated amazing partnerships of all types including but not limited to technology partnerships, system integrators, OEMs, and resellers.

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